Jeremy Spiegel, MD

Casco Bay Medical

Please call (516) 508-3316 to schedule an appointment. Dr. Spiegel’s practice is by appointment only.

We are located at on Long Island, New York in Westbury at:

990 Westbury Road

Suite 204

Westbury, Long Island, New York 11590


2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Dr. Jeremy Spiegel, I been seeing you for a few years you has fried my medical ID for marijuana… And are a psychiatrist?Besides marijuana, are you a psychiatrist and able to prescribe ADHD and Anxiety Medication? Because I’ve been trying to change my psychiatrist that I haven’t seeing for over 30± years Now, only Because I’ve got to see her once A Month and I’m not Driving because of my disability problems be wheelchair-bound… It cost me $50.dollars Monthly to get to Lynn, Mass. So I’d much rather See you as my psychiatrist if you can take me in as a patient it will be cheaper for me and I’ve known you for many years? My Name Is Ms. Crystal Fóley.. So If I Could See you rather than paying the kind of money to go to Lynn, I’d greatly appreciated That.. Thank you very much for your time to read my e-mail I hope to be hearing from you? My E-mail address is or I have an appointment set up for 2/22/19 at 3:15 pm… One Way by phone or e-mail I’m hoping to hear back from you Dr. Jeremy Spiegel MD..

  2. Dr. Jeremy I apologize for all the typos I only have one hand to write, you have been describing my medical marijuana ID for me my doctor requested me to be on it and send me to you.. I’d appreciate it if you can call me at 978-332-6177 Crystal Foley is my name I have an appointment February 22nd to see you form a medical marijuana ID again at 3:15 p.m. I appreciate you contacting me by phone or getting back to me through email me a message back but I wrote to you about thank you very much Crystal Foley

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