Jeremy Spiegel, MD — Casco Bay Medical – Westbury, Long Island, New York

Nationally recognized psychiatrist, award winning author, and founder and medical director of Casco Bay Medical, Dr. Jeremy Spiegel has been for years the most thoughtful medical marijuana provider in New England.  Now Dr. Spiegel returns to his native Long Island, New York, to provide medical marijuana evaluations and recommendations in his Westbury office.

Patients of the NY office can choose to be seen either in person or via telemedicine. Those who choose telemedicine will be able to have their appointment from the comfort of their own home via a secured video chat hosted by The video chat can be accessed by a web-enabled device with a webcam such as a computer, smart phone, or tablet.

Either way patients choose to see Dr. Spiegel they will be promptly registered with NY State and receive an identification card allowing them to legally purchase marijuana at one of the areas state sanctioned dispensaries.