Nationally recognized psychiatrist and award winning author Dr. Jeremy Spiegel practices combination treatment–psychotherapy with medication management–in his Midtown Manhattan office at The DiMele Center for Psychotherapy.

A graduate of Princeton University and Dartmouth Medical School, Dr. Spiegel is the recipient of numerous awards and accolades for his work in art history, psychological research, and writings on the arts and the human condition.

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  1. Ok Read your article on Psychology Today about benefits of Marijuana. Some good stuff in there.

    My 20 year old son who switched colleges due to depression, and had never used MJ before, is being treated by Psychologist and Psychiatrist, taking Zoloft for the past 6 months, has recently taken to MJ and getting high, very high, on a daily basis.

    Starts with edibles, smokes or vapes over several hours, falls asleep in our garage after about 5 or 6 hours of being high.

    Not sure how many days a week this occurs, because he stays at his girlfriend’s house, and she is doing it too. But it seems like an every day occurrence when he is home half the week.

    Is there a line between, ” a joint a day…” and being stoned for half a day every day of your life? When does it become a problem? When does it become an addiction? When is it bad for you?

    Your article is very much like my son’s argument: It’s not bad for me, in fact it is good for me.

    He won’t share what his Psychiatrist said about him taking Depression meds and MJ at the same time – I am imagining that he is being told not to mix the 2. Thoughts on negative health effects on taking both?

    I can tell you from direct observation, he is disconnected, uninteresting and loopy when he is high. I am also having some trouble with the smoke, the smell, the goofy look on his face, the red eyes, the edgy personality when he is not taking it.

    I look forward to your opinion, and possibly and article about MJ abuse, when too much of a good thing becomes a problem.



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